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The Dashing Dutchman 2021 Block of the Month Quiltalong

Sew along with me to make this quilt top in a year. You'll learn how to make a new block every month.
  • Have you bought a sampler quilt pattern in the past and just felt too overwhelmed to finish it?
  • Did you wish you could have asked the pattern designer some questions when you got stuck?
  • Would you love to be sewing along with like minded people, making new friends, even if you can't be in the same room as them?
Join us for my next block of the month programme. I'm so excited to share my new sampler pattern with you: The Dashing Dutchman.  Members from the last block of the month program helped me name this one!  

The overall design consists of a traditional Churn Dash block with a Dutchman's Puzzle block in the centre. There are twelve different blocks sitting within that design that I will show you how to piece during 2021.

I'll break it down into manageable steps for you so you don't get overwhelmed.  You'll be able to download instructions and watch a video tutorial.  You'll also be able to ask me any questions as we go through the year.  

And best of all, you won't be sewing this project alone.  There will be lots of others joining in with us that you'll be able to connect with in the online community or Facebook group.

 "I loved being part of this group and watching your recordings Jo. I am a visual learner and followed you step by step and pausing the video until I caught up. Learnt a lot, thank you Jo." 

Erica L. - 2020 BOM Participant

Why trust me with your learning?
  • Last year I helped many students create a beautiful sampler quilt.  For some of them, it was their first quilt and they were thrilled with the results!  
  • I've been successfully teaching adults to sew for the last nine years.
  • I've been creating video tutorials for the last three years for my Pattern Subscription Club.
  • I love quilting, I love learning new things  and I love teaching!
Subtle Secondary Background Fabric
Single Background Fabric
Obvious Secondary Background Fabric


"I just loved getting lost in it and forgetting about everything else for a while, and enjoying seeing posts, comments and encouragement from like minded strangers 😊."

Jo B. - 2020 BOM Member
"Loved being part of a group who likes sewing and learning new skills, seeing all the creations and different variations of the blocks. Having something to work towards with deadlines that nobody tells you off if you don’t make it 😊. Love it 😍."
Debbie M - 2020 BOM Member
"In particular I loved being pushed out of my comfort zone as I’ve tended to keep to blocks I know I can do. The encouragement from everyone in the group has been wonderful."

Paula B. - 2020 BOM Member
What's Included in the BOM?
  • Monthly Block Piecing Instructions - these clear and easy to read sheets are downloadable and printable.
  • Monthly Video tutorials for piecing each block and introducing new techniques - you can watch these as many times as you need to, pressing pause and play as often as you like!
  • Monthly Live Q&A Webinars - your place to ask me any questions you might have.
  • Online Community for: sharing photos of your blocks, fabric pulls, finished quilt tops etc with other BOM members; asking for advice; sharing ideas about which fabrics to use; making new friends; and being inspired and encouraged. 
  • Fabric Requirements for: a Rainbow version; and a Non-Rainbow version using three or four different fabrics.
  • Cutting Instructions, Diagrams & Colouring-in sheet.
  • The finished quilt will measure approximately 82" square and is made up of blocks of various sizes from 6 to 18 inch square. 
  • You'll also get instructions on how to make a BONUS baby / lap quilt with the leftovers!
  • All of this for just £54 for the whole year.  That equates to £4.50 per month for the: Instructions; Video Tutorial; Live Q&A with me; and online community! Absolutely AMAZING value!
Check out some of these ideas for fabric choices!
Subtle Secondary Background Fabric
Single Background Fabric
Obvious Secondary Background Fabric
Fabric Requirements

Ways to Pay


Yes! Absolutely!  I'll keep sign ups open until August 2021.  When you sign up you’ll have access to all the blocks that have been issued up until that point.  You can catch up in your own time or just join in with the current block and do the ones already done, later, totally up to you! Once enrolment is closed you can't sign up.  However I may release this in 2022 as a work at your own pace BOM.

Once you’ve paid you’ll be asked to set up a log in.  Once that’s done you’ll be able to access the portal.  You’ll automatically be emailed a receipt and log in link to my Online Sewing School (Portal), so if you didn’t set up the log in when you paid, you’ll be able to do it using the link.   In the same email you’ll also see a link to the Facebook group that you can request to join.

Some security systems are causing a glitch in the system and not registering the click on the Buy button.  If this happens you have various options to buy the course: try buying on a different device; contact me to arrange a different payment method; go into your security (e.g. Kapersky) and allow data collection for this website, that seems to resolve the issue.

Yes! Absolutely!  Last year we ran our community chat and video tutorials totally through Facebook, so members needed an account.  But this year the video tutorials will be hosted in my Online Sewing School Portal.  Plus we have the added bonus of a Community Page right here in the portal.   So for 2021 I plan to run a Facebook Group and the Community Page here and see which one is most popular!

No problem at all! Go at your pace, it’s not a race.   Whilst I try to keep the pace manageable, sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just can't get it all done in time.  I totally understand and it's completely ok!  It happens to everyone once in a while.  You’ll still get the instructions once a month but then they are yours to keep and refer back to and make whenever you like!  The important thing is to remember that this is fun! It's your hobby and should never make you feel stressed out!  You'll be able to download the instructions sheets to keep forever and you'll have access to the videos until February 2022.

No problem! You can ask me a question during one of the LIVE Q&A sessions using the chat box.  If the time doesn't suit your schedule or time zone then just be sure to email me the question ahead of time and I'll answer in the LIVE anyway.  I'm planning to record the LIVES and load them into the portal for you to watch when convenient.  

Alternatively post your question in the Community Page or Facebook Group.  Either myself or one of our other lovely members is sure to be able to answer it for you. :-)

Fabric Requirements for both options are listed above.

Sometimes the technology decides not to do what it should!  Very frustrating!  Sorry it's happened to you.  First of all, just double check your junk/spam folder.  Also make sure to add to the Safe Sender list in your email settings.  Next go to the Register Page and sign up.  Once you are in, you'll be able to click on the My Courses tab at the top.  If your enrolment was processed then the BOM will show up in your courses.  If it's not there or you have problems registering then just drop me an email at

We'll start sewing blocks in January. I'll show you how to sew a different block each month right through until December 2021.  Some months you'll just need to make one of that month's block, this will be mainly during the Spring, Summer and Christmas time.  Other months you'll need to make multiple blocks, but I've kept that mostly to Autumn and Winter months, aka 'the quilting months'!

The design is pretty rigid due to the differing size blocks.  BUT, there is some latitude to switch the same size blocks around to suit your preferences!

That isn't an option for this design.

If paying all in one go isn't working for you, then you can opt to pay in two instalments.  The first payment will be taken when you enrol.  The second will be taken one month later.  It is more expensive to pay in instalments. And this option is only available if you sign up by the end of December 2020.  If choosing this option, to keep access to the course you must pay both instalments. Failure to do so will mean you will be removed from the course.

It is not possible to issue refunds for digital products for immediate download and customers lose their 14 day right to cancel.  This is because it is not possible to recall digital content.  By continuing to purchase digital products the customer is acknowledging that they have waived that right.



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This is my first online BOM. I am so impressed with the comprehensive instructions and videos - the level of detail is phenomenal! Jo covers all the different options carefully and makes following along so easy.

3 years ago
Jenny larsen

love it!

This is the first time I have joined The Crafty Nomad for a BOM. I must say this is the most organised BOM I have done. I have found the instructions very easy to follow.

3 years ago
Linda Peck

Love this BOM

This is my first online patchwork BOM. although I have done several BOM from quilting magazines. The written instruction are very easy to follow, even down to the pressing of the seams, which is very helpful, and makes all the difference to the finished blocks. Although sewing on my own, I still feel part of the community, knowing that there are lots of other patchwork quilters doing the same thing.

3 years ago
Liz Metcalfe

Loving this BOM

This is the first online sewing class that I have done but not the first BOM. The instructions have been so comprehensive and clear withe videos to continually refer to in manageable chunks. When I did make a mistake in piecing Jo kindly let me know immediately by email so I was able to correct it. It has been one of the lockdown pleasures and will continue to be for the rest of the year. I look forward to the 15th of the month!

3 years ago
Sheila Pitt

The best BOM I have undertaken.

This block of the month is one of the best I have undertaken. The written instructions are so clear, there is a video to watch as many times as you need and after the block goes live we have a Q & A session. Although sewing on my own I feel part of a community with the Facebook page, Jo's helpful advice and and quick response to any query. I look forward to more courses in the future.

3 years ago
Judy Stannard

One of the most enjoyable BoMs!

I love this BoM - the written instructions are so clear and the accompanying videos are incredibly useful. Jo takes the time to explain the importance of an accurate 1/4" seam, when to sew a scant 1/4" seam, which way to press each seam and why - in fact all the details that other designers overlook. Each month, after the pattern has been out about a week, there is an online Q+A session, where you can ask questions. There's also the Portal to query anything, and Jo replies very promptly. If you're considering joining this BoM, even if it's halfway through, don't hesitate! One of the best BoMs I've ever done, to be honest!

3 years ago
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What are you waiting for?
I can't wait to sew with you in 2021!

"I loved this group. I admit I thought long and hard about embarking on such a mammoth project but I was so glad I did. I had to catch up with Jan & Feb as we were overseas but I completed mini squares as practice. I enjoyed the challenge and now feel much more confident measuring, cutting and sewing quarter inch seams! Thank you for all your hard work Jo in putting it together xx "

Vanessa P. - 2020 BOM Participant

Disclaimer: I promise to show you how to sew the blocks together and will impart lots of useful nuggets of information along the way, adding to the experience.  So you are sure to pick up lots of new tips and tricks.  But, like anything in life, you only get out what you put in.  
So if you don't do the work, a quilt you will not have :-(