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Kaleidobloom Block of the Month Quiltalong - Sept 2022 - April 2023

Sew along with me to make this quilt top. Take a deep dive into curved piecing. Quilt Size: 66" square.

COMING SOON  as an On-Demand Course!

The Kaleidobloom quilt was a Block of the Month program (as detailed below).  The program has now ended.  I've been receiving emails from people that missed out and want to make their own Kaleidobloom Quilts.  So in the Autumn I'll be making it available as an On-Demand / Self Study course.  This means you'll be able to access all of the written instructions and video tutorials from the whole BOM and make it at your own pace.

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  • Would you love to fully get to grips with curved piecing with templates whilst making this modern contemporary quilt?
  • Have you bought a sampler or block of the month (BOM) quilt pattern in the past and just felt too overwhelmed to finish it?
  • Did you wish you could have asked the pattern designer some questions when you got stuck?
  • Would you love to be sewing along with like minded people, making new friends, even if you can't be in the same room as them?
Join us for my next block of the month programme. I'm so excited to share my new pattern with you: Kaleidobloom!  

I've heard so many people saying they struggle with curved piecing.  They struggle to get their pieces to lay flat or can't get the ends to meet up.  This BOM will help you have success every time with curved piecing!

This quilt pattern explores the use of curved templates for piecing.  We'll be taking a deep dive into piecing curves.  You'll learn how to piece: standard Drunkard's Path units; standard Orange Peel units; Oval Drunkard's Path Units; Double (Complex) Oval Drunkard's Path units; and Oval Orange Peel units.  By the end of this BOM you will be an expert at curved piecing for patchwork!

I'll break it down into manageable steps for you so you don't get overwhelmed.  You'll be able to download instructions and watch video tutorials.  You'll also be able to ask me any questions as we go through the year inside the teaching portal and also in monthly LIVE Q&A sessions on Zoom.

And best of all, you won't be sewing this project alone.  There will be lots of others joining in with us that you'll be able to connect with in the online community or Sewing School Facebook group.
... of my journey with curved patchwork piecing.  Up until about 2 or 3 years ago I hadn't even tried it!  I LOVED the look of it but I thought it looked REALLY hard, and so I didn't even try! Isn't that sad?  I let the fear of something being hard, stop me from 'having a go'.  That 'have a go' phrase is something I tell my daughter all the time.... something like, 'Well you won't know unless you give it a go' or 'Go on, just have a go and see'.   But here I was, shying away from something myself.  So I gave myself a stern talking to and 'had a go'!  My first try wasn't amazing but it certainly wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be!  So I persevered.  It didn't take long to feel confident.  

So if you are afraid of curved piecing, don't be.  I promise you it won't be as hard as you think, and with a little practise you'll love it and be able to produce some wonderfully modern designs.

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Find out more about that below!

 "I am a pretty regular BOMer so I have been exposed to lots of different teachers using different platforms and teaching techniques. I have to say that Jo's combination of course notes, pre-recorded videos and live Q & As are the best of all of them. Apart from anything else it is amazing value for money. I can't imagine how many hours of work it must have taken her to put all that instruction together. The clarity of explanation of sometimes tricky techniques is wonderful. I'm sure everyone who has participated is a better quilter now than they were at the start. Thank-you Jo. I will definitely be back for the next one."

Cathy S - Glitter Ball BOM Participant

Why trust me with your learning?
  • I've helped many students over the last three years create beautiful sampler quilts.  For some of them, it was their first quilt and they were thrilled with the results!  
  • I've been successfully teaching adults to sew for the last twelve years.
  • I've been creating clear, easy to follow, video tutorials for the last five years.
  • I love quilting, I love learning new things  and I love teaching and helping people like you!


"I have not been quilting for long or had many classes so was a bit apprehensive as to how I would get on but it’s coming together and it’s looking good! Jo is so clear with her teaching videos and instructions and breaks it down into easily followed instructions. So good to be able to view it over and over when you get to a bit you are unsure about. Jo is also very responsive when you have a problem. Highly recommended you won’t regret it and excellent value for money. Will definitely be joining the next one."

Alison - Glitter Ball BOM Participant

"I can't say enough good things about Jo's teaching and her thorough treatment of every element of the process. The video lessons were essential for me being able to complete each step - I'm almost there! There were some challenging and difficult elements which is good for building confidence and skill!

If you have a chance to learn from Jo you should definitely take it!"

Bonnie - Glitter Ball BOM Participant
"This has been my second BOM with Jo. She uses the best platform to host her online classes. I have all but given up on another BOM because of the poor presentation and difficulties accessing content.

The videos are of excellent quality. The live sessions are a great way of getting extra help with anything you are finding a bit tricky and are available to view if you can’t make the live meeting. I have grown in confidence in my quilting abilities. I am really looking forward to the next BOM."
Jo -  Glitter Ball BOM Participant
What's Included in the BOM?
  • Monthly Block Piecing Instructions - these clear and easy to read sheets are downloadable and printable.  These will include templates for you to print at home to use for the curved sections.  If you prefer to purchase acrylic templates, this is possible, more details in the Q&A section at the bottom of this page.
  • Monthly Video tutorials for piecing the units - you can watch these as many times as you need to, pressing pause and play as often as you like!
  • Monthly Live Q&A Webinars on Zoom - your place to ask me any questions you might have.
  • Online Community for: sharing photos of your blocks, fabric pulls, finished quilt tops etc with other BOM members; asking for advice; sharing ideas about which fabrics to use; making new friends; and being inspired and encouraged. 
  • List of Fabric Requirements (fabric NOT included).
  • Cutting Instructions, Colouring-in sheet & Digital colouring instructions (no special software needed).
  • The finished quilt will measure approximately 66" square and is made up of blocks of various sizes.
  • All of this for just £55 for 8 months tuition consisting of the: Instructions; Video Tutorials; Live Q&A with me; and online community! Absolutely AMAZING value! (Equates to approximately US$67, but this will vary depending on your credit card currency conversion rate).
NO FABRIC is included in this BOM. You'll need to purchase that separately. 
Fabric Requirements
NOTE: Solids, blends, and ditsy prints will work particularly well, and are recommended for their ease of use.    Cutting instructions assume a solid, blend or non-directional print fabric is being used.  Directional print fabrics that have a specific orientation, can be used, but you may need to purchase more fabric than stated above and cut the pieces differently (extra instructions will not be provided for this).  
All Kona Cottons: Windsor (background); Watermelon; Melon; Regatta; & Copen.
Check out some of these ideas for fabric choices!
Fabric Requirements

"I loved the Glitterball quilt design and that drew me into the BOM but I was amazed month after month of the work and detail Jo put into the instructions and videos. I loved that she consistently showed more than one way to do things (because in quilting there is ALWAYS more than one "right" way) so it expanded skill sets even when it was a piecing technique you had done before.

I am usually not a fan of video training, it is just not how I learn, however I loved that Jo breaks down the videos into short components that align to one part of the process making it easy to find and review that piece again without having to find that part in a longer video. I loved the BOM with Jo and would recommend her courses for anyone wanting to build skills."

Rob - Glitter Ball BOM Participant

Early Bird Deal (20% off) Ends in...


Ways to Pay


Yes! Absolutely!  I'll keep sign ups open until about half way through.  When you sign up you’ll have access to all the teaching content that has been issued up until that point.  You can catch up in your own time or just join in with the current block and do the ones already done, later, totally up to you!  As a caveat that to that though I would say that when I structure my BOMs I teach the easier units first and build up to the harder ones so you might want to follow along in chronological order for that reason.  You'll be able to watch the past LIVE session recordings and attend the remaining LIVE sessions if you choose to.  Once enrolment is closed you can't sign up. 

Once you’ve paid you’ll be asked to set up a log in.  Once that’s done you’ll be able to access the sewing school portal.  You’ll automatically be emailed a receipt and log in link to my Online Sewing School (Portal), so if you didn’t set up the log in when you paid, you’ll be able to do it using the link.   In the same email you’ll also see a link to the Facebook group that you can request to join.

Some security systems are causing a glitch in the system and not registering the click on the Buy button.  If this happens you have various options to buy the course: try buying on a different device; contact me to arrange a different payment method; go into your security (e.g. Kaspersky) and allow data collection for this website, that seems to resolve the issue.

Yes you can.   In the pattern I use various templates by Jenny Haynes (PapperSaxSten). Jenny has kindly allowed me to reproduce the printable PDF versions for you in the pattern for you to print at home. So you do not need to buy the acrylic versions.

I choose to use these particular templates as they have a built in allowance enabling us to trim them down to size. It's like magic and leads to perfect units every time! I love them!

I will be demonstrating with both the paper version and the acrylic version in the teaching videos. Jenny will hopefully be joining us for the LIVE session in September.

If you are interested in buying the acrylic versions, then I have added some links below, but as I said this is not necessary as the PDF ones are included for you to print at home.

If you already have Jenny's templates, we will be using the following:
 - 3½" & 7" Standard Drunkard's Path templates
 - Oval Drunkard's Path 10½" x 7" plus the 'middle'
 - Oval Drunkard's Path 5¼ " x 3½"

If you want to buy Jenny's acrylic versions of the templates you will need to buy the following sets:

 - For the 'Standard Drunkard's Path' blocks you will need either the 'Basic' set or the 'Complete' set. The complete set includes 'middles' that we don't need but you might find useful for future patterns / designs.

 - And the 'Complete Oval Drunkard’s Path Templates'

But remember these are not necessary to make the quilt, as paper versions will be included, but you will need a printer to print these out.

Yes! Absolutely!  The video tutorials and downloadable instructions will be hosted in my Online Sewing School Portal.  Plus we have the added bonus of a Community Page right here in the portal.   So you do not need a Facebook account to access tuition or support.  However we have found that lots of our customers like to use Facebook and so we also provide a Facebook group as well.

I wouldn't say it was aimed at absolute beginners, no.  However a confident beginner who can sew an accurate quarter inch seam allowance should be fine.

No problem at all! Go at your pace, it’s not a race.   Whilst I try to keep the pace manageable, sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just can't get it all done in time.  I totally understand and it's completely ok!  It happens to everyone once in a while.  You’ll still get the instructions once a month but then they are yours to keep and refer back to and make whenever you like!  The important thing is to remember that this is fun! It's your hobby and should never make you feel stressed out!  You'll be able to download the instructions sheets to keep forever and you'll have access to the videos for a minimum of 6 months after the end of the BOM.

No problem! You have various places you can ask for help.  Under each video tutorial there is a Discussion box that you can type your question into.  Or you can ask me a question during one of the LIVE Q&A sessions on Zoom using the chat box.  If the time doesn't suit your schedule or time zone then just be sure to email me the question ahead of time and I'll answer in the LIVE anyway.  I'm planning to record the LIVES and load them into the portal for you to watch when convenient.  

Alternatively post your question in the Community Page or Facebook Group.  Either myself or one of our other lovely members is sure to be able to answer it for you. :-)

Fabric Requirements are specified in the table above

Sometimes the technology decides not to do what it should!  Very frustrating!  Sorry it's happened to you.  First of all, just double check your junk/spam folder.  Also make sure to add to the Safe Sender list in your email settings.  Next go to the Register Page and sign up.  Once you are in, you'll be able to click on the My Courses tab at the top.  If your enrolment was processed then the BOM will show up in your courses.  If it's not there or you have problems registering then just drop me an email at

Eight in total this year.  We'll start in September 2022 with planning and then start sewing in October. I'll show you how to sew a different part of the quilt each month right through until March 2023.  Then in April I'll show you how to piece the quilt and we'll also discuss quilting options.  

That isn't an option for this design.

It is not possible to issue refunds for digital products for immediate download and customers lose their 14 day right to cancel.  This is because it is not possible to recall digital content.  By continuing to purchase digital products the customer is acknowledging that they have waived that right.

"This is an excellent BOM. The pattern is innovative with an interesting mix of techniques. I have learnt a huge amount along the way. I learnt some basic beginner techniques years ago, but then never really followed up. Lockdown brought me back to quilting , but I really needed to improve my skills. These online lessons and videos are very professional, with plenty of guidance and tips. Nothing is taken for granted and individual learning styles are also catered for. So whether you learn best by watching/ reading and or hearing, the opportunity is there. Best of all this is an interesting and stylish design with just the right amount of challenge, so I didn't get bored and was motivated to persevere even when I struggled."

Ruth - Glitter Ball BOM Participant

What are you waiting for?  I can't wait to help you become a patchwork curves expert!



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I love learning with Jo

The Kaleidobloom was my third BOM with Jo and as before it went swimmingly. Jo structures the lessons in such a way that they build on each other and everything is very well explained and presented in detail in the online videos. I'm a beginner but Jo makes everything really clear and easy to follow. Plus she is always available if there are any questions. The online community is also really helpful and supportive. The Kaleidobloom pattern means learning all about sewing curves, creating circles, ovals and orange peels. After learning all these new techniques I now feel well equipped to tackle patterns I would never have considered before. This BOM was a very enjoyable experience and I've already enrolled in Jo's next BOM, the GeomeTree. I'm really glad I found Jo as a teacher!

1 year ago
Lesley Seymour

What an amazing quilt

I had never attempted to sew a curved seam until I signed up to Kaleidobloom and was quite worried about what I’d let myself in for as they always looked so difficult, but I can now safely say I am confident with curves, be they ovals or circles. This is all down to Jo’s excellent step by step tuition, breaking everything down into bite sized chunks which are explained so clearly. I’m so proud of my finished quilt and can’t quite believe that I actually made it myself.

1 year ago
Judy Stannard

Kaleidobloom BoM

This is the 3rd BoM I've done with Jo. Her patterns are so well-thought out and clearly written, and the videos are so clear and helpful. The close-ups show you the minute details that make following the pattern a dream. I honestly think Jo is one of the best tutors around, and the content of the monthly tutorials is so comprehensive you can't fail to enjoy every step of the course. I wasn't going to do her next BoM, Geometree, because I have so many WiPs and UFOs - but then I saw the pattern! So I've signed up that too! If you decide to do any of Jo's BoMs, you won't regret it!

1 year ago
Beverley Vincent

This is the place for tuition

The whole procedure of creating a quilt with curved designs had always been daunting for me. Not any more. The instruction from start to finish is second to none. Jo has such a happy attitude it’s brilliant… she makes it fun and is so encouraging. Help is always on hand…I highly recommend this course.

1 year ago
Alison Jenkins

Curved piecing made easy

I have never been a fan of using curved piecing but thanks to Jo for her step by step instructions and videos I have found them relatively easy and have achieved some good results in Glitterball and Kaleidobloom BOM . I would recommend learning this way as support is always available if required. The monthly zoom sessions give the opportunity to show your work ask for help learn from others.

1 year ago
Nicolet Salmon

Jo makes it easy with step by step help

I'm on month 4 of Kaleidobloom. I'm finding the course very thorough with so much help and facility to ask questions. The video tutorials are close up and so clear, which are backed up with detailed print outs, templates and diagrams. I really could not ask for more. It is honestly the best BOM I have done. 5 Star!

1 year ago
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Disclaimer: I promise to show you how to sew the blocks together and will impart lots of useful nuggets of information along the way, adding to the experience.  So you are sure to pick up lots of new tips and tricks.  But, like anything in life, you only get out what you put in.  
So if you don't do the work, a quilt you will not have :-(