Planning Your Quilting Design: Things to Consider

You've pieced the quilt, but are now at a loss of how to quilt it!
So, you've pieced your quilt top and now it's time to baste and quilt it. 
And then it hits you: 'Quilt Freeze'! 

You realise you have no idea HOW you are going to quilt it! 
It's hurting your brain to think about it!

During this 1 hour 15 mins webinar you will learn about all the things to consider when planning out your quilting. These helpful steps will help you bypass the quilt freeze.  You'll learn how to audition your ideas on your quilt and also see me talk through examples.

This webinar ran as  LIVE Zoom session one Friday 19th January 2024. But you can still grab the recording here!

l talked about things you need to consider when planning your quilting. I also showed you an example of how I go about making a plan for how to quilt my quilts.  I also helped a quilter on the call come up with some ideas for a quilt top she had pieced, and took questions.

“Thank you Jo - that was amazing - lots of ideas I would never have thought of.” 

Elaine - Webinar Participant

I've been teaching sewing, patchwork & quilting for over 10 years and I'm excited to help you.  

I have absolutely LOVED helping every single one of my customers develop and improve their sewing, patchwork & quilting skills.  It's truly rewarding to see students progress and have 'lightbulb moments'.

I love teaching, breaking topics down into bite-sized chunks and making it achievable for all!  Since moving most of my teaching online it's been eye opening to realise that most people learn better this way: working at their own pace and having more time to practise; but still getting time with the teacher to ask questions.

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