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From Quilted Blocks to Quilt: QAYG - Quilt Hive Class 6

Learn How to Join Quilted Blocks - Quilt As You Go (QAYG)

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From Quilted Blocks to Quilt: QAYG - Class Content

In this class you'll learn how to turn quilted blocks into a quilt using a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Technique. This fantastic technique allows you to make large quilts even on small machines!

This class is a brilliant follow on from classes 3 and 4 where we learn to make quilted blocks with walking foot designs.

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Course Curriculum

I've been teaching sewing, patchwork & quilting for over 10 years and I'm excited to help you.  

I have absolutely LOVED helping every single one of my customers develop and improve their sewing, patchwork & quilting skills.  It's truly rewarding to see students progress and have 'lightbulb moments'.

I love teaching, breaking topics down into bite-sized chunks and making it achievable for all!  Since moving most of my teaching online it's been eye opening to realise that most people learn better this way: working at their own pace and having more time to practise; but still getting time with the teacher to ask questions.