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Join us in the Quilt Hive™: A Monthly Membership to Learn & Improve Patchwork & Quilting Skills and meet other Quilters £15 per month

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We would LOVE to have you join us in the Quilt Hive
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  • Do you love learning new techniques and having fun with patchwork & quilting?
  • Do you want to improve and refine your current skills in a safe and easy going environment?
  • Perhaps you are stuck in a rut with your patchwork hobby and often wonder why you can't achieve better results?
  • Would you love to interact with other quilters online?
  • Do you want access to a teacher to ask your questions to?

If you answered yes to any of those questions,
then come and join us in the Quilt Hive™.

The Quilt Hive is an online monthly membership club where you'll learn lots of new skills.   

Each month, you'll learn a new topic via pre-recorded video lessons, which you can watch and replay as often as you like, when it suits you.   There may also be some downloadable printouts.   You'll be able to ask questions and get timely replies using the discussion boxes right under the videos.   Essentially it's a new class each month. 

You'll also be able to join an optional LIVE group session with me each month, held on Zoom.  This might take the form of a Q&A session or it could be an informal ‘Sip 'n' Sew’ where we all work on our own projects at the same time and just have a natter about all things 'quilty'.  We often use the Breakout Rooms feature so you can chat to other quilters in the membership, a lovely way to make new quilty friends!

This membership is perfect for you if you love learning new patchwork & quilting techniques and want to meet and get to know other quilters!  

The doors to Quilt Hive will be closing soon so that I can concentrate on producing new content for members.  I'm not sure when I'll be opening the doors again, but when I do, it will no longer be at the fabulous introductory offer!  So if you want to join and guarantee the £15 per month price then make sure you get in before the doors close!

Enrolment Closes in...


Learn skills that will help you improve & develop all areas of your hobby leading to increased satisfaction and better results.  

Use your newly learnt or improved skills to create some fun makes using the tutorials in the Library section.

Meet other quilters, just like you, from around the world in our Community spaces and in our monthly LIVE sessions.

I've been teaching sewing, patchwork & quilting for over 10 years and I'm excited to help you.  

I have absolutely LOVED helping every single one of my customers develop and improve their sewing, patchwork & quilting skills.  It's truly rewarding to see students progress and have 'lightbulb moments'.

I love teaching, breaking topics down into bite-sized chunks and making it achievable for all!  Since moving most of my teaching online it's been eye opening to realise that most people learn better this way: working at their own pace and having more time to practise; but still getting time with the teacher to ask questions.

"I am so glad that Jo has set this group up - going back to basics first is especially useful to correct habits or to discover things I didn't know how to use properly/efficiently.

On-line resources that you can easily go back to time & again and a pattern to practice the skills. Having done Jo's on-line classes, she is a great teacher & breaks things down into manageable chunks.

Looking forward to developing my quilty skills & benefitting from this new quilt 'school' & group"

Helen - Quilt Hive Founding Member

Take a journey with me
No matter what month you choose to join up, you'll start with the first month's content: Cutting for Accuracy.  The next month you'll get access to Precision Piecing.  Refreshing these foundation skills will enable you to have the best start on our journey together leading to improved results and greater satisfaction with your patchwork & quilting.

Following on from those foundation months, we'll delve into fun and interesting topics each month to further develop your skills.  I'll be there to help you tackle anything you find tricky and break it down into achievable steps.   Exploring new techniques will give you the confidence to explore and experiment with your future quilty projects.

Check out the Topics & Techniques that will be Covered

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

We'll also be looking at . . .

  • Binding & Facing 101
  • English Paper Piecing
  • Adding Hand Embroidery to Projects
  • Improv Piecing
  • Free Motion Quilting Taster/Refresher* 
  • Curved Piecing
  • Flying Geese Various Designs
  • Quilt Maths & Adapting Patterns

(* those who have taken my FMQ courses - don't worry it'll be a great refresher for you and I'll have something new in there for you too)

Join us in the Quilt Hive
Start the journey of 
refining and developing your skills.

" Jo is a fantastic teacher, breaking it down in to bite sized chunks and delivering both videos and handouts. Using the online portal together with the lives makes it feel very personal. Jo is super responsive to any questions or problems you share. As a bonus there’s a tremendously supportive Facebook group too!" 

Gill - Joyful FMQ Course Participant

So, What's Included in the Membership?
  • New Monthly Learning Topic: A mixture of pre-recorded video tutorials and printable handouts - you can watch the videos as many times as you need to, whilst you are a member, pressing pause and play as often as you like!  A section to ask any questions and get timely responses from me.   
  • One LIVE session per month: could be a Q&A or a casual Sip n Sew session - attendance is optional.  These will normally run for approximately an hour.  (Times & days will be announced each month).
  • BONUS 1: Online Community in the course portal and exclusive Facebook group.  A great place to interact with me and the other members during the month.  A safe place for you to; share photos of your lovely makes and first attempts at the new monthly technique; ask for advice; share ideas and quilty plans; make new friends; and be inspired and encouraged. 
  • BONUS 2: Members only library section containing some printable project tutorials that you could try some of the new techniques on. 
  • All videos have subtitles (Closed Captions). 

Who is Quilt Hive™ for?

Quilt Hive™ is aimed at Patchworkers and Quilters who wants to learn new patchwork & quilting techniques, improve their current skills and meet other quilters online.  Check out the video at the top of this page if you're not sure.

It will suit confident beginners and intermediates.  

Whilst most monthly modules are stand alone classes that anyone who knows their way around a sewing machine could attempt, absolute beginners may feel slightly out of their depth if they don't know the basics of quilt construction.  The membership isn't a beginners patchwork & quilting course.

The vast majority of topics are taught using a domestic sewing machine, so in order to participate fully you will need one.

To be able to watch the videos, you'll need a device, such as a computer or laptop with internet access. You can watch on tablets and phones but you'll have a better experience if you watch on a larger screen.

Well that all sounds fab, right?  But how much is it? And how does it work?

The cost is £15 per month. 
(Note: This is an introductory price and may go up in the future,
but if you sign up at this price then you lock it in for as long as you are a member!)

When you sign up you'll get access to the library, community group and of course the first month's content - on the day you sign up.  Then every 30 days after that, a new payment will be taken and new content will be available for you in the portal.  You'll receive an email reminding you that it's there.  During each month you'll be able to attend a LIVE Zoom session as well.

As Quilt Hive™ is a membership club you only have access to the content whilst you are a paying member, much like Netflix or gym memberships.   If you cancel, you will lose access to the video lessons and instructions.  I keep the monthly fee lower than my courses to reflect this.  If you leave and then choose to join again at a later date, you start at the beginning again on Month 1.  

Being a member of Quilt Hive gives you access to a growing library of resources.  Like any library, you may not use every 'book' or piece of content in the library.  And you may not 'read' the newest 'book' in the library as soon as it arrives.  But you know they are there when you are ready for them, provided you are still a member.  

The doors to Quilt Hive will be closing soon so that I can concentrate on producing new content for members.  I'm not sure when I'll be opening the doors again, but when I do, it will no longer be at the fabulous introductory offer!  So if you want to join and guarantee the £15 per month price then make sure you get in before the doors close!

Enrolment Closes in...

Founding Member Bonus

Sign up by the 20th of September 2021 and be a lovely founding member.
This means you will: 

  1. Be mailed a stunning Quilt Hive™ enamel pin
  2. Get access to a fun foundation paper pieced Bee Block pattern and accompanying video tutorial class.
  3. Have the opportunity to contribute a Bee block to the group quilt that'll we'll be entering into Festival of Quilts
  4. Lock in this fantastic introductory price of just £15 per month for as long as you are a member!!  

Don't Miss Out on the Foundng Member Bonus! Tik Tok Tik Tok....


Enrolment is currently CLOSED
But join the WAITING LIST so you don't miss out!

We would LOVE to have you join us in the Quilt Hive
Sign up here and I'll drop you an email when the membership opens for enrolment.

Join us in the Quilt Hive
Start the journey of 
refining and developing your skills.

  • Quilt Hive Monthly Payment Plan
  • £15

    per month Buy Now


Once you’ve paid you’ll be asked to set up a log in.  Once that’s done you’ll be able to access the portal.  You’ll automatically be emailed a receipt and log in link to my Online Sewing School (Portal), so if you didn’t set up the log in when you paid, you’ll be able to do it using the link.

If you've already purchased from me you'll need to sign in first and then buy the course.  The system will use the credit card we have on record for you.  If you need to change this you will need to go into your account (top right) and replace the card details.

When you log in to the site, there are two ways to access the Quilt Hive™ content.  The easiest is to click the Quilt Hive™ tab along the top menu bar (it will only appear once you are logged in).  When you click on that, provided you are a paid up member of Quilt Hive™, you'll be redirected to the Quilt Hive™ Access Page.  From here you can click on the content you want to view.

Alternatively you can click on the My Courses tab along the top menu bar.  And you will then see the membership content.  The reason I advise accessing it the way above though is because if you view it in the My Courses page it can appear out of order and will be mixed in with any other courses you have bought from me.

Some security systems are causing a glitch in the system and not registering the click on the Buy button.  If this happens you have a couple of options to sign up: try buying on a different device or go into your security (e.g. Kaspersky) and allow data collection for this website, that seems to resolve the issue.

No problem at all!  The content will be delivered monthly but you can watch the content at a time that suits you.  It's important to remember that this is meant to be fun! It's your hobby and should never make you feel stressed out!  Go at your pace, you'll have access to the content for as long as you pay the monthly subscription.

The other thing to say here though, is that you only get out what you put in.  In order words if you want to learn new skills you need to set aside time for yourself to do it.  If you put the time in you will develop good habits and improve your skills.  Try scheduling in some time in your diary, a date with yourself if you like, to actually do it.

No problem! You can ask your question in the Discussion Box underneath the videos.  I usually answer pretty quickly!  You can also ask me a question during one of the LIVE monthly sessions.

Alternatively post your question in the Community Page or Facebook Group.  Either myself or one of our other lovely members is sure to be able to answer it for you. :-)

To be able to watch the videos, you'll need a device, such as a computer or laptop with internet access.  You can watch on tablets and phones but you'll have a better experience if you watch on a larger screen.

If you like to print out the accompanying notes you'll need access to a printer.

Of course to do the sewing you will need a sewing machine and normal sewing supplies, tools and notions.  Any specific equipment pertinent to the new content will be discussed within that month's content.

Sometimes the technology decides not to do what it should!  Very frustrating!  Sorry it's happened to you.  First of all, just double check your junk/spam folder.  Also make sure to add jo@thecraftynomad.co.uk to the Safe Sender list in your email settings.  Next go to the Register Page and sign up.  Once you are in, you'll be able to click on the My Courses tab at the top.  If your enrolment was processed then the content will show up in your courses page.  If it's not there or you have problems registering then just drop me an email at jo@thecraftynomad.co.uk.  It's normally something as simple as a typo in the email address.

Oh no that's a big no-no.  Your log in is personal to you only.  It would violate my terms and conditions of purchase and undermine my business.  This an extract taken from my terms and conditions just to be clear:

"All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright belong to us, The Crafty Nomad. If you purchase on online course, class, workshop or membership from us, we grant permission to use the materials on The Crafty Nomad's web site for your personal education, non-commercial transitory viewing only. This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not:  

a) modify or copy the materials.
b) use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial).
c) attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on The Crafty Nomad's web site.
d) remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials.
e) transfer the materials to another person or 'mirror' the materials on any other server.

This means that you CANNOT share your password or access to this page with anyone else.  You CANNOT download or copy the videos.  You CANNOT let your guild or group members all watch the videos on your login.  It is for you ONLY.  

This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by The Crafty Nomad at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any copied/downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format."

We'd obviously be sad if you decided to cancel your membership, but we understand that sometimes people need to do this.

Quilt Hive is a monthly membership subscription club as opposed to a course, and as such, members only have access to the content whilst they are a paying member (much like Netflix, gym memberships etc). I keep the monthly price lower than my courses to reflect this.  If you cancel, you will lose access to the video lessons and instructions.

You can cancel your membership by logging in to your account here in the portal and navigating to the person icon top right.  Click 'My Account', then on the menu on the left, select 'Billing'.  Click on the word 'Subscriptions' and you'll see when your membership is set to renew, just to the right of that you'll see a box that says 'Cancel'.  If you decide to cancel your membership just press that button.  You will have access to the content until the renewal date.

It is not possible to issue refunds for digital products for immediate download and customers lose their 14 day right to cancel.  This is because it is not possible to recall digital content.  By continuing to purchase digital products the customer is acknowledging that they have waived that right.

Some products or services come with a free bonus of a Facebook Group and/or a community page on this website.  As stated these are free bonuses and do not constitute a paid element of the product or service purchased.  As such, we may choose to close Facebook or community groups, remove individuals from  Facebook or community groups or refuse membership to  Facebook or community groups at our discretion and without notice.  You will not be entitled to a refund.

Got a question that hasn't been answered on this page?
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Eilidh Young

I pay a small amount, & get way more in return!

I find all the content & sessions so useful. It's boosted my confidence in trying out new knowledge, I learn in every video of every session. Jo's style is so very friendly, supportive and encouraging, & even though the interaction is all virtual, it feels palpable as a participant!

3 months ago
Judy Stannard

Fantastic tuition

Even though I've been quilting for 20+ years, I still learn something new each month. I honestly feel that my accuracy and attention to detail has improved immensely. I love trying new things and there are so many different projects to have a go at. And I love that you can work at your own pace and go back to try something that maybe you didn't have enough time for before and the content is still available to view/watch, and as many times as you want or need to. And the patterns are excellent and really well thought out. Highly recommended - for beginners and the more experienced alike.

3 months ago
Joanne Fisher


I agree with everything that has been said before. What I find really excellent is the technology Jo uses to give us an easy to navigate portal. Of course the content matches the high standard which I associate with Jo. I am looking forward to learning loads, this includes the things I didn’t know I needed to learn!

10 months ago
Gill Cowlam

A fantastic curated online community

It might only be month one and I'm loving the Quilt Hive. I've diligently watched all the videos and now I'm trying to remember to practice all the little tips & tricks Jo has shared. Being mostly self taught I have some bad habits to lose! Jo is a fantastic teacher and very responsive to questions and comments. The monthly live session, the portal & the Facebook Group are a great opportunities to build friendships with other stitch-o-holics!

11 months ago

Lots and lots

Thank you for organising the Quilt Hive . I am going to study the video next week while relaxing at the caravan. Love the library resource about serving machine Thank you again looking forward to getting my quilt hive pin

11 months ago
Michele Lancaster

Wonderful course

Yet another fantastic course from Jo - so well written and presented, with lots of tips and advice as well as patterns to try and new skills to learn. There is a lovely community feel too, with the opportunity to connect virtually with other members of the Quilt Hive. A real treat for sewists at all levels!

11 months ago
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But, like anything in life, you only get out what you put in.