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Walking Foot Quilting - Part 1 - Quilt Hive Class 3

In this class you'll learn how to use a walking foot and practise some fun designs

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Walking Foot Quilting - Part 1 - Class Content

This is the first of two classes all about the walking foot where I will introduce the what, why & how of the walking foot and we'll practice using the walking foot with six fun basic designs. Hopefully by the end of this class you'll be feeling confident and ready to take your walking foot skills even further and try more complex designs in the next class!

To get the most out of this class you will need to have a walking foot that is compatible with your sewing machine.

In this class you will learn:

  • What a walking foot is, how it works and why you might choose to use it
  • How to use the markings on the foot
  • How to attach the guide bars and alternative soles
  • How to attach the Walking Foot to the machine
  • How to keep your straight lines, straight!
  • About stitch length and thread choice

You can then practise six different designs:

  • Basic Crosshatch Grid 
  • Diamond Crosshatch Grid 
  • X Marks the Spot 
  • Sun Rays - Focal Point 
  • Zig Zag 
  • Large Diamonds

You can check out the full contents of the class below.

Course Curriculum

I've been teaching sewing, patchwork & quilting for over 10 years and I'm excited to help you.  

I have absolutely LOVED helping every single one of my customers develop and improve their sewing, patchwork & quilting skills.  It's truly rewarding to see students progress and have 'lightbulb moments'.

I love teaching, breaking topics down into bite-sized chunks and making it achievable for all!  Since moving most of my teaching online it's been eye opening to realise that most people learn better this way: working at their own pace and having more time to practise; but still getting time with the teacher to ask questions.



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Johanna Bono

So much fun!

I am so exited about quilting a thread after the FMQ classes and now this is another fun step! Walkingfoot quilting is also great and I love the project so when you are done you have something nice to show for it!

1 year ago